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Presbyterian Church of India : Vengsang Champhai

Presbyterian Church of India Vengsang Champhai cordially invites all to attend at the PCI  40th Biennial General  Assembly.

Origin :
As per instruction and permission of Mr. N.E Perry, Superintendent of Lushai Hills No. 908. Aizawl, Dated 3.7.1924 to Mr. Thangthiauva, Chief of Vengsang, the church was here established in 1924. It was the third church to be established in Champhai town.

Although the church building situated within Vengsang chieftain ship, Christians from Vengsang and Kahrawt, right from the beginning shared the church. Reasons for this joint service/fellowship could be that chief of Vengsang and Kahrawt were brothers.

The church was for long time known as “Chapel Pui” (Main Chapel) as it was the biggest church in Champhai. It couldn’t be dated when it became to be called and known as Kahrawt Presbyterian Church. Reason for this change of name could be that majority of the members of the church belonged to Kahrawt area.

The church committee, after a number of sittings, resolved that the church be divided into kahrawt church and Vengsang Church respectively at the beginning of 2002. The committee looked into the spiritual upliftment of the members as the number of members became increasingly large.

Accordingly, the moderators of Khawchhak Presbytery Rev. C. Chanchinmawia declared the division of the church into Kahrawt Presbyterian Church and Vengsang presbyterian Church as separate local church respectively on March 2002

Kahrawt area retained the name of the Church but shifted to a new church building. Vengsang area got a new name -  Vengsang Presbyterian Church, but retained the church building

Re-construction of the church building started in May, 2005 and construction is still going on. However, the new church building was inaugurated on 8th May, 2010 by Elder Vanlalnghaka, Moderator, Champhai South Presbytery

The finish building was constructed in 1924 the second building in 1941, the third one in 1962, and the fourth in 1977 and this is the fifth on.

The Church building
Ground floor – Church Hall cum Sunday school (60×50) hall for Children Department The church – 70x50x19 with verandah and vestry – 109×70. Top of the cross from the ground – 92ft height. Total cost of construction – Rs.11,000,000(approx)

In 2003, Mizoram Synod bifurcated  Kahrawt Pastorate into Kanan, and Vengsang Pastorate respectively The Church became the station of the Vengsang Pastorate in 2004.

God is leading, blessing and guiding the Church in abundance. In 2006, the Church Choir was declared the Champion Choir in the Choir Competition organized by Music Committee, Mizoram Synod

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